A Hit to the Heart

Mighty Mo Rodgers - A Mississippi Blues Tale:


"To understand the world you must first understand a place like Mississippi" Mighty Mo quoted at the beginning of the writer William Faulkner.

I say: "To understand the blues you must first understand THIS record!" No light fare, the Mighty Mo Rodgers giveth his listeners here.. This plate is a trip back in the cruel history of slavery. And unlike many of his colleagues will not attempt here to pack this cruelty in metaphors.

In "unmarked grave", Mighty Mo intones "Can I have some water, Captain?" so bloodcurdling that it freezes the blood in your veins. It tells the terrible situation of blacks, trapped in chain gangs. This came after slavey, but in a sense was just as bad as slavery. This is followed by "Run Brother Run", a blues tone/poem that describes how he sees a dead man hanging on a tree, swarming with flies. And the dead man speaks to him the story of his people's suffering.

 But Mighty Mo is not just about a show on suffering, for the second part of his "Mississippi Blues Tale" he deliberately designed something that is wonderfully accessible. No less heavy, but much more pleasing in the sound. "Blues", so I want to understand it, there are good sides. And you can also listen here.

And one thing is very unusual for this record in the genre "Blues": Here we have a real concept album before us. A plate so that tells a story from the first to the last track, the history of Mississippi. Full reference to his favorite writers cited at the beginning, here Rodgers wrote a story (= tale). A story whose chapters are the individual songs. BRILLIANT!

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"It hits me in the heart and this record must be heard. The content and the statements are for me of such importance, that I do not write here about the musical realization but simply want to end with a quote from Mighty Mo. "From the slave house to the White House, that's a miracle".