"There is nothing conceivable that would so condition a man as to leave him without the slightest freedom."

--Victor Frankl--

Blues comes from a place so deep that even madness cannot penetrate there. Blues is free there, and it makes sense of the madness by changing what was disfigured into something wonderfully transfigured.

Too often Blues doesn't get the respect it deserves in the greater musical community. But make no mistake, the legitimacy and authenticity of American popular music comes from Blues, because it is truth, and the truth will set you free.


This is my Blues Odyssey.
A journey through "the blues" to Blues. My vehicle, the Blues Voice; a vernacular black-of-tongue tale of call-and-response to freedom and movement.

Blues, born of slavery, in the skin of commerce, constantly "sheds", to outrun, outfox, the slave catchers of commodification.

Blues is our trickster. Paying the dues, and dealing with the devil of our own making. I hear its Holy Howl, and I must be on my way now.

"The blues is the best literature that black Americans have. It is our best poetry. The entire cultural response is felt there in the blues."

--August Wilson--